Program Variances and Local Project Applications

Use this online application for all JA Area variances and local project requests. Please note submission deadlines below. Late submissions may be denied.

Guiding Principles of Program Variances and Local Projects

  • Ensures consistent measurable impact of the JA educational experience
  • Allows for JA Area innovation and collaboration
  • Is relevant and meets the needs of JA Area stakeholders
  • Protects and maintains JA brand integrity
  • Enables scaling and sustainable program implementation models

Fall Semester Deadlines

  • October 15th – Fall local project applications deadline
  • February 1st – Fall variance deadline
  • February 15th – Fall class registrations deadline

Spring Semester and Year-End Deadlines

  • April 30th - FINAL DEADLINE for ALL local project applications
  • June 30th - FINAL DEADLINE for ALL variance applications
  • August 15th - Submit final program registrations, secure president confirmation, and provide student goals for new fiscal year

If you have questions about completing the application or the approval process, please contact Sara Logar, Field Program Services, at or 810.224.2323.